What we do

wood quality

The woods used for Arcadia products are top quality and fully cured, to ensure a perfect and stable over time durability.

finishes quality

The Arcadia workshops test them, and select the best paint and finish to ensure a durable product, long lasting and in step with the times, for a design product.

author decorations

Arcadia select the best Artists and decorator .All the decorations and paintings are handmade, individually, and the differences that can be noticed, showing the quality of a product 'made by hand'.

Italian design

  • The Arcadia doors are conceived as design products, our designers study the style and the characteristics of each model.
  • The attention to every single detail exists on each Arcadia model.
  • From the sketch to the project, from prototype to final model, each step is checked and verified by our technicians to ensure a high quality handmade product.
  • Each individual element of the door is accurately made with a perfect harmony of the various elements.
  • The production and the assembly of a door follow the lines of project.
  • The product thus passes from the study of the first constructive structural phase of the frame and the door to the next stage which involves the choice of the finish, the coating and decorations.
  • Door hinges and locks are provided by the most prestigious Italian companies.
  • Each phase of construction and finishing is verified by the technicians to ensure the final quality.
  • The search for innovative new decorative trim combinations for a continuous evolution is the task of the internal research laboratory that regularly offers new combinations in step with the times.
  • Decorations and carvings as well as glass and bronze, are designed before the execution, to verify the aspect ratio and size allowing you to achieve the best harmony of the individual element.
  • The Arcadia doors are made from design to finished product by expert Italian craftsmen in the tradition of Italian design.


height and width

Arcadia catalogue products at the customer's request, can be customized according to your needs. The height and width of the door can be varied in so far as well as our production standard.
The standard height of our doors, door h.  210
Standard width of our doors door l. 80/90

trims and finials

Trim and finials displayed on the catalog and on the website are suggestions. The doors can be ordered with the trim and molding that you like, you can choose from our list or you can send your proposal, our technicians will be happy to accommodate you. Many of our customers have already requested variants and our company has managed to accommodate every request successfully.


The finishes are the "suit" of the products. Arcadia ever present customer needs presents a number of finishes, from wood to solid coated and lacquered. Also for the finishing touches you can make a color or a custom finish on sample or on a proposal from our lab. Wide range of standard finishes.
Ability to produce customized finishes for a few articles.


The decorations, gilding or paintings are handmade by our master decorators. Arcadia offers the opportunity for customers to have a product with added value since each unique and handmade decorations. Arcadia offers the possibility to make custom decorations provided by the studio, or to analyze a proposal reviews.